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27 Feb 2021
28 Feb 2021
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Double Room Zon
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76.50 EUR
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5.00 EUR
4.33 EUR


81.50 EUR

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81.50 EUR

Good to know

Our reception is open from 8:30  to 12:00  and from 14:00 to 19:00.
You can check in between 15:00 and 18:00 at the latest.
Would you like to check in later or check out earlier? Please let us know in time.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to check-in after 18:00 without contact.

You can check-out in the morning between 7:00 and 10:30.

The doors close at 19:00.
When you leave the hotel after check-in, do not forget to bring your room key. You will need this to enter the hotel in the evening hours.
We will ensure that you have the necessary information in time for the late check-in.

Parking is available at the following locations:
- The Marina, 100 meters, Indigo parking garage at the station, 500 meters.
- The Grotemarkt, 50 meters (note: not on Monday and Friday due to market days) and in the designated parking spaces.

We completely understand your plans may change for whatever reason. If you have not used our non-refundable rate,  you may cancel free of charge until our plans are set in stone, 24hrs before 15:00hrs, day of arrival. If you cancel after this time or if we don't hear from you at all, costs will be charged. At all times and for the record, cancellations must be confirmed to and through us in writing.

Prohibited in all public areas of the hotel, as well as the rooms. Guests that do smoke in their room are charged an additional €50,00 housekeeping fee, payable upon departure.

Aparthotel Blankenberge

Zeedijk 96
8370 Blankenberge